Welcome to Peony! This all started from searching high and low to find a beaded iwatch band, I could not find much and anything I found was way too flashy for my style SO, I made my OWN! I’ve played with different beads, strings, techniques and branched out to iwatch bands. I love the different ways you can customize bracelets and they can go with even biker shorts and a t shirt. (Speaking from experience) If you have a custom order just DM us and we will be happy to help 🤩

•20% of each months total revenue goes to help the fight against human trafficking. Each year 600,000 to 800,000 men, women and children are trafficked across international borders. The human trafficking industry is a $32 billion dollar underground industry that needs to end. “LET'S END HUMAN TRAFFICKING WHERE WE LIVE” -slave2nothing
Across all 50 states, victims of human trafficking silently cry for help. You can help us fight this injustice and bring hope to thousands even in our very own communities

•We will be combining the purchases from each month to donate to slave2nothing.org. This foundation I am very familiar with and each January in-n-out burger matches your donation 3-1. If you give one dollar they give 3. Isn’t that amazing!? Imagine the total donation for the month of January. We will be praying as well as donating.

•What will donating help you might be wondering? (I have before) #1. Drop in/care clinic (immediate medical attention, clothes, food etc.) #2. A safe house (emergency house to get them to a safe place 1-21 days to find further stability) #3. Residential program (1-2 years or more to help the survivor create a new vision for a happy healthy life) #4. Transition program (baking skills, college, money, computer skills, transportation etc.)

•The website has so much information but the purchase of the bracelets will help and the month of January we are going all out as much as possible to make that a super big month! It’s important to send in that big donation so we can get matched 3-1 as it will be human trafficking awareness month. Link in bio.

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